How A Low Carb Diet Plan Can Help to Lose Weight 
   and is Effective as a Diabetic diet Plan.

A number of recent studies have shown that low carb diet plans 
not only facilitate weight loss, It can also be used as a diabetic 
diet plan, to lower blood sugar levels, and in many cases can 
return it to normal.

How Do Low Carb Diets Work.

Low carb diets work on the principle that if you reduce your carbohydrate
 consumption the body must turn to an alternative source for energy - it's
 fat supply.
Carbohydrates directly affect your blood sugar levels because all carbs are
converted into glucose (a type of sugar)  used by the body as fuel for energy.
This being the case the amount of carbohydrates consumed determine the
 amount of sugar in the blood, more carbs more sugar. This abundance of
 sugar impacts on your weight because after the cells have absorbed what
 they need for their energy requirements, the excess is converted into fat and

Also that fat role around your middle and the wobbly bits around thighs will become your bodies source of fuel and you will lose weight. Too many thousands of people have lost pounds using one of the many low carb diet plans.

Carbohydrates are an important part of a balance diet but how much we need is still speculation
What we do know is that the increase of the western worlds sugar intake has has been growing steadily and is now a major concern. Sugar is the simplest form of carbohydrate and is digested very fast resulting in an almost immediate blood sugar surge

Can low carb diet foods help with diabetes and weight loss. 

There has been a direct correlation between the diabetes epidemic and the huge increase in sugar consumption, in fact Coke have recently admitted that their drink has contributed; and figures show that  one third of obesity sufferers also suffer from diabetes. Main stream thinking is finally changing 
to accepting that a high carb diet will exacerbate diabetes and are now tentatively recommending a low carbohydrate diet.

A low carb diet will bring about weight loss, there is too much evidence from studies to prove that low carb diets are more effective that low fat diets, and there literally thousands of people that have lost lots of weight on one of the many low carb diet plans. Dieters talk of losing up to 15 pounds in two weeks.

What is diabetes ?

Diabetes occurs when there is too much sugar in the blood. The body either stops producing sufficient insulin or becomes less responsive to insulin because of over exposure. If you are eating a healthy three meals a day you are only releasing insulin three times, but these days when some of us snack continuously on sweet treats, our blood sugar levels are spiking all the time and every time insulting is produced to balance sugar levels. If you have ever been on pain killers for along time, after awhile they become less effective. your body gets used to them and they become less effective.

Insulin is a hormone whose task is to facilitate the absorption of the excess sugar into the cells for energy, and in so doing stabilizing the blood sugar levels. If it becomes less effective blood sugar levels can get dangerously high increasing and diabetes will occur and can increase the risk of a serious heart condition, kidney failure or the risk of a stroke.

Until recently it was thought that the greatest risk to a diabetic was the risk of a heart attack. With that in mind the best diet for a diabetic was considered to be one low in fat and high in carbs.  Unfortunately this high carb diet also contributed to weight gain and exacerbated the diabetes. 

This is now thought to have been incorrect; there is growing evidence to show the exact opposite is in fact true. A number of recent studies have shown that a diet low in carbohydrates stabilizes the blood sugar level and in many cases return the blood sugar back to normal.

Low carb diet foods.

Complex carbohydrates should be are part of a balanced diet, it's getting the balance right. They should only be severely restricted when on a weight loss program, and then only for short periods. The problem is not carbohydrates per se, it is over indulgence of simple carbs. Sugar and white flower products. Carbs should only consumed in a quantity that supports your weight and does not increase it. Finding that amount will take a bit of research but but once you know what your bodies tolerance level is just stick to it.

Bad carbs.

Simple carbs should be avoided at all times: Sweet sugar and white flower products like, sweets, cake, biscuits, fizzy drinks etc

Good carbs

Choose whole grains always: whole grain bread, Rolls, Pasta, Wraps
Fruit and vegetables.
Lentils, beans.


I am a firm believer of the low carbohydrate principle as long as it's not done for too long and veggies are included. They have been attacked by the some professionals but there is no reliable evidence to show that these diets are unhealthy and thousands of people have used this method successfully.

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