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                 Hypnotherapy Gastric Band.

 The Story Of A lady Who Lost 100 Pounds using a hypnosis 
   gastric band.

I recently read a story written by a woman who lost 8 stone in 14 months. She talks of her life long struggle with her weight loss and how desperate she was to lose some.

One day a family member mentioned a work colleague who'd had fantastic success losing weight by using gastric band hypnosis, also called a hypno band or a virtual gastric band,. She was intrigued, having heard how effective the surgery was, but too major a step to take, she thought why not give the hypnosis version a go. 

She was hypnotized into believing that she had undergone gastric band surgery and went on a diet identical to the one the recipients of surgery are put on, and low and behold she is now her goal weight.

The Hypnotherapy Gastric Band Success Story.

The results amazed her; her weight started coming off immediately. According to her, your stomach feels like it has shrunk in size, making you feel full far quicker than normal, and if she continued eating she would soon start feeling ill, just like you would if you’d had gastric band surgery.

She also said that if she could have afforded to, she would have had the surgery but is now glad that she didn’t, because her weight has been shed without having to go through the trauma of painful surgery and at a fraction of the cost.

Gastric Band.

The effectiveness of the surgery is undeniable, millions of people world wide have successfully lost weight this way. A band is surgically positioned around the stomach reducing its size which makes you eat less because you feel fuller much quicker than normal. You can only eat small meals at a time so you eat more often, like dieting without the diet.

When done properly the hypnosis gastric band will apparently have the same effect as a real surgically place gastric band, resulting in immediate weight loss. 

This hypnotherapy gastric band could be the answer for the thousands of obese people that don’t qualify for the surgery and don’t have the means to fund it themselves, or all those of us who have tried diet after diet without lasting success and are now desperate, It could also be the answer for those people that just don’t like the idea of painful surgery.