Real Dieting Success
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         How To Choose The right Diet.

It's important to make sure you select the correct diet for your goal. Starting on the wrong diet would very likely be a waste of time if you really want to lose weight be sure you on the right diet.

We make the decision to lose weight for many different reasons, our health, embarrassment, vanity and a need to be more active, to name but a few. No matter what our motivation it will involve a diet of some description. When we want to lose weight the first thought is to go in search of The best diets. Surprisingly, because according to the statistics there don't seem to be that many successful diets, diets in fact don't have a very good track record with less than 5% of dieters succeeding long term.

But 5% equates to many hundreds of thousands of people dieting successfully.

The fact is diets have become far more flexible, gone are days of rigid restrictive eating, very low calorie regimes, making them far easier to follow and maintain

We have to ask ourselves the question, is it the diet that is at fault? Or are there other factors involved. The simple truth is that if you want to lose weight the best option is a diet of some description, but if you want to be successful it is of utmost important that you know precisely what you want to achieve and then match it to the best diet.

There is no point being on a healthy eating plan when you want to lose weight fast. I know this is an obvious example but you get the idea.

Types of diets available.

Diets fall into three general categories.

  • .The super fast diet ( sometimes called the holiday diet) lays down an extreme eating  regime designed to make you lose weight quickly but is usually not nutritionally sound  enough to maintain for too long, but you can lose a chunk of weight.
  • The second type of successful diets  approaches weight loss more holistically and promotes losing weight over a longer period. It would usually consist of a flexible dieting phase follow by a long term eating plan and would require a major lifestyle change.
  • A variation of the long term diets are the increasingly popular slimming clubs where you  do your diet in a group environment, which some find very helpful. One meets and weighs in once a week and all issues surrounding the diet and dieting are discussed with a qualified leader.

All have their place; if you want fast weight loss for something specific, like a wedding a holiday or a birthday, you must chose a diet from the first option, as you can see it would be pointless being on one from either of the other options.

When you want a complete change then a diet from the other options would be essential. You can go it alone, get the book or register on line; and if you like the idea of sharing with others doing the same thing then find a Slimming World Or Weight Watchers group near you and go along.

How to choose a diet.

The best way to know what diet to choose is to know what your goal is and then match your goal to the correct diet plan. I know I’ve already mentioned this but it is the crux of successful weight loss, don’t be fooled by it’s simplicity it is most important you start with a very specific goal. This way you know exactly where you are going and you won’t end up frustrated and disappointed because you are on the wrong diet and not going anywhere.

Sit in a quite place and write down all the reasons you want to lose weight and  measure your response to each one. You are looking for the the one that gets you the most excited.

Being on the correct diet plan is absolutely essential when you want real success. Amongst these options are potentially successful diets, it depends entirely what you want from it. You can start fast or slow depending on your goals, but if you want long term sustained success it must offer a maintenance plan.. Don’t set yourself up for failure by trying to do too much too soon. With this kind of diet plan you can take your time and introduce fat reducing foods slowly. The results will be slower but more sustainable. Don’t rush it you have all the time in the world.

You must set a date and start, nothing will happen without starting your chosen diet … just grit your teeth and go for it. You can be the person you want to be I promise.