Too Much Sugar Causes Obesity Is Now Proven To Be True.

New research at Cambridge University now proves there is a definite link between obesity and a high sugar diet. This is in fact the most recent of many studies that have had the same result, proving once and for all, that sugar is at the very least a major contributor to phenomenal growth of obesity , in line with the massive growth of sugar consumption in the western world, They now recommend a low sugar diet for obesity sufferers.

High sugar diet is worse than fatty diet.

I and many others have always believed that excessive sugar consumption is just as likely to make you fat as eating a high fat diet, which is not commonly believed. Unused fat is stored by the body so should be eaten in moderation, but good fats are also an important element in the repair and maintenance of your cells.

Very simply, too much sugar in the blood equals too much insulin, the hormone responsible for facilitating the absorption of this sugar by the cells, but what it also does, is inhibit the releasing of fat to be burnt as fuel because there is such an  abundance of sugar to burn. there is no need to use fat.

Sugar consumption is through the roof.

The problem lies in the shear quantity of sugar we consume, in this day and age of high sugar diets. We currently each consume around half a pound of sugar a day, far in excess of the average person’s daily requirements. You might say,” but I don’t eat a lot of sweat things” and therein lies another problem.

When the food industry was pressurized into providing low fat alternatives of just about everything, they had to find an alternative to fat because reducing fat also reduced flavor. That alternative was and is a sugar, in the form of “corn syrup” a very effective cheap form of sugar. So we are all constantly eating piles of sugar we don’t even know about.

Sugar causes obesity because it's converted into fat.

Most of the excess sugar we consume is converted into fat and stored, and yes, sugar and other carbohydrates are converted into glucose and burnt for energy, but our increasingly sedentary lifestyle means less energy is required. In a nutshell, our sugar consumption is extremely high and climbing, with all our mod cons we lead a far less active life, so there is loads of fuel surplus of requirements = fat.

As you can see from this a simple change to your lifestyle can make a big difference. A bit of exercise, even if it’s just a little walk and a reduction in sweet things like; cake, sweets, biscuits, chocolate, and fizzy drinks.

This is not a low sugar diet, it is a simple a way to lose weight and keep it off by making a few dietary changes. There is obviously a lot more to a healthy balanced but this one change can make a big difference.

There is one small problem, the consumption of processed carbohydrates can cause sugar addiction, but once you have broken the sugar cycle it becomes much easier.

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