The Psychology of Successful Dieting.

It is fair to say that top sports persons would know how to diet successfully because they understand the concept that mental preparation leads to the mental commitment required to succeed.

The psychology of successful dieting.

Sports people know the importance of the right mental attitude required to succeed at the top level (a success mind set). When will dieters start to realize that it's the single most important component to dieting success. People chop and change diets all the time trying to find that magical diet that will facilitate their weight loss. But it is not about successful diets it is about successful dieters.

It is said that about 70% of a top sports person's success is in the mind. Of all the aspiring sports people there are plenty blessed with the same physical ability. So why do some fly to the top and others just bump along never quite making it? The difference is those that reach the pinnacle of their sport are the ones that appreciate the importance of the right mental attitude and put in the work to create the positive attitude required to achieve excellence.

The point is, we see success in sport as a result of natural ability and lots of training, which it is true, but it is not the whole truth, it is also imperative to attain the right mental attitude. Any top flight sports person has a success mind set in place and would be continually working on it. This same mental attitude is required for most tough en-devours, and I think we would all agree that successful dieting is as tough as they get.

Starting with the right mental attitude is the best way to avoid the rigors of continually losing weight then putting it back on, then losing it and putting it on again and so forth. This is the famous yo-yo effect, which happens because most of us do not have the commitment for dieting long term, we only good at doing it for a short while.

So what is the right mental attitude for successful dieting

1. The sports person would absolutely believe in their success... you must have absolute belief            that you can diet successfully.
2. The sports person would continually visualize themselves winning, with all the joy and emotion          that goes with it. The dieter needs to do the same, visualize the weight falling off and you                 looking slim and trim, with all the feelings of joy that go with looking great.
3. The sports person would constantly be telling themselves that they would succeed... you                 would also be telling yourself that you will be successful, over and over, on a daily basis;                  repetition is the key. 
4. The sports person would relive past successes, with all their positive emotions, over and                 over... You should remember something you did successfully with all its emotions, and relive it         over and over, this has a very positive effect.

If your first thought is that all of this is a waste of time, you are most definitely not in the right frame of mind to achieve lasting weight loss success. Please don't be fooled by the simplicity this advice, it is very powerful stuff and will ensure your journey to achieving dieting success.

Whatever your reason for wanting to lose weight the decision is taken in your mind, it might be emotionally driven but it remains a mental decision and it is here where the battle is won or lost. 

Last thing, you need to remember that for the sports person this mind set is a way of life, doing these things every day of their lives becomes as fundamental as eating.  it's really not that difficult. Here's to your next successful diet.

     How To Diet Successfully.

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