How To Diet Successfully.
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How to Stop Overeating and Lose Weight.

Overweight or obesity is not something that anyone would choose to live with. In fact most people would do just about anything not to be overweight. It can lead to a life of constant misery, unhappiness and very often embarrassment. We know that overweight is caused by overeating, so why do we not know how to stop eating too much?

What causes overeating.

The impact of our changing attitude towards eating.
One cause is the change in our attitude towards food and the way we eat. The days of eating for sustenance alone are long gone, these days food is more of a sensory experience. If you imagine your favorite meal,  you would be able to picture exactly
how it looks, it's wonderful aroma and the flavors you can almost

The impact of our changing lifestyle on overeating.
cannot be overstated. Gone are the three home cooked meals
a day, replaced mostly by, take outs, ready made meals, cook
in sauces and the like. Junk food for all intents and purposes
have a tenancy to pack on the pounds and negatively
impact on our health. These processed foods are full of
flavorants in the form of fats, sugar and sodium to enhance your
eating experience and entice you to eat more.

The food industry, like any other, is geared to getting us using as much of
their product as possible, but this process is contributing to the western worlds growing
propensity to overeat. They are not remotely interested in what you eat as
long as it’s their product and you eat lots of it. It is criminal, but its business.

The impact that our social lives have on our overeating.
Food has also become central to our social lives and celebrations. Can you imagine going to a wedding without any food or drink, it wouldn’t be quite the same. Think about it, we invite friends to a dinner party, meet friends at a restaurant, have friends around for a barbecue, as you can see it's not easy to stop eating too much when it is such an intragal part of our social lives.
Other overeating temptations.
Something else that tempts us to overeat is the power of marketing, we are constantly being tempted to overeat.

Our fridges and larders are stocked to overflowing with special offers tempt us to buy                   more for less.

Supermarket shelves are brimming with every delicacy scientifically stacked at eye                      level, end displays and till proximity displays that constantly tempt us
Restaurants and cafes everywhere have big signs offering super sizes to temp you.

Television, radio, magazines and news papers bombard us with unhealthy food ads.                   Fashion magazines continually going on about how thin you have to be.

Be aware of which emotions, if any, drive your eating to much, like frustration, stress and unhappiness, these are emotions that are often linked to overeating. Watch for them and try to eat something healthy.

This article is not intended to scare anyone, only to point out the pitfalls we face on a daily basis, and what an uphill battle it is to buck the trend and stop eating too much. The experts tell us that it takes 21 days to create a new habit, so if you want to break out of the overeating trap this is how long it will take. Don’t give up hope you can learn how to stop eating, there are lots of small painless things we can do to help.

Help to stop overeating... there are ways to stop eating too much..

1.    Learn to cook your meals from scratch, only then can you be sure their                              ingredients.

2.     Eat more protein and less carbohydrates, it takes longer to digest protein and it              burns extra calories in the process.

3.    There is very little nutrition in most white flour products other than                                      carbohydrates which is converted into sugar, a fat generator.

4.    The worst fat generator is sugar, you have to cut down on sugary treats ie:                       sweets cakes and  fizzy drinks etc.

5.    Read labels because many ready made meals and processes food are packed                with sugar or fats, some low fat meals can have the highest sugar content.

6.   To reiterate a well known one, drink plenty of water it is essential to help the                      kidneys  cleanse and the liver metabolize fat.

7.    Fruit and vegetables are high in fiber making them slow to digest, and they have            virtually no affect on your weight.

8.     Always stop eating before you feel full, because, by that time you are overfull.

Of all these tips to stop overeating the one that can make the most difference in the shortest time is number 4. Our consumption of sugar has grown far beyond the body's ability to cope with it. Our body literately does not know what to do with all the carbs; and it is definitely not going to burn fat when there is so much easy to burn fuel available.

Just by adhering to these few simple rules you can stop overeating and lose weight at a slower pace than being on a diet, but it a lot easier and in time you can change your eating habits.