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     How To Diet Successfully.

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              What Causes Obesity and How Can You Control Obesity. 

It is now an accepted fact that obesity has reached epidemic proportions, with America and the Uk topping the western economies table, with a third and a quarter of the respective populations effected.  Quoting precise numbers is pointless because they will differ dependent on who's you are using, the worrying point is the speed at which they are increasing. 
Governments are concerned about controlling obesity because of the cost to their economies with the annual cost to America being quoted as117 billion dollars, with The UK coming in at around 16 billion pounds. It is rapidly becoming a major problem all over the world.

What is obesity?

Medically speaking, the measure for the term obese is a body mass index (BMI) of 30 and above, so you don't have to be that fat to be obese, a BMI of above 40 would mean you are morbidly obese.

What Causes Obesity?

You can control obesity, but, although there is world wide concern, there doesn't seem to be any co-ordinated strategy, possibly because of it's complexity. It is not like other epidemics where there is one cause that scientists can work on to eradicate. The causes of obesity are many and and varied. Most are rooted in our social evolution, we live in a world of convenience... store shelves are packed with ready made meals and processed foods, fast foods are fast replacing the home cooked meal and you can do just about anything you want on a screen, without leaving your chair.

We are overloading our bodies with a known fat maker, sugar. It's everywhere and it has nothing to do with sustenance it's pure pleasure eating, cakes biscuits, candy, sweet drinks, that all used to be a treat but are now the everyday norm. 

Bottom line, we are packing in the calories without much physical activity and it's not intentional, as I said it is just the way our lifestyle has changed. With each latest convenience being heralded for making our lives easier, in fact it ii's one more thing that  helps cause obesity by removing the need for physical activity. 

Our supermarkets encourage us to buy processed foods full of corn syrup for flavor, a cheap type of sugar (Low fat meals often have more because they need  to supplement lost flavor). The problem with all this sugar is that it is just about pure energy which is not being used, because of our physiology it doesn't get wasted it gets stored first as energy stores and when this is full it's stored as fat.

The problem with our lifestyle is that it is a recipe for disaster, there is far too much sugar and processed carbohydrates in our diet with far too little complex carbohydrates and fiber. 

There was recently a TV program with someone testing a diet consisting exclusively of low fat ready made meals. She complained of being constantly hungry, because these processed meals need so much less digesting they are through the body in no time and back came the hunger pangs. 
But unless we learn to control obesity we are likely to  develop some very serious medical conditions.

The effects of Obesity.

The obese are at much higher risk of diabetes,  heart conditions, high blood pressure and strokes.
There is also the human side of this story. There is so much unhappiness and misery related to being obese, exacerbated by a world obsessed with what you look like. Sufferers often suffer from low self esteem resulting in a confidence issue and very often feel quite isolated and depressed.

How to control Obesity.

Because obesity is a direct result of our changing eating habits and sedentary lifestyle this is where the effort has to be made. I am not sure how successful Jamie Oliver’s mission to try and get his countrymen back into the kitchen has been but at least he is doing something. I do believe this is the type of initiative we need to focus on long term; encouraging people to rediscover the joys of cooking at home and eating a family meal together, and if you can't cook, learn, it is not difficult and there are so many recipe books available with lots of easy healthy recipes, that anyone could cook. Only when you prepare your own meals can you control the ingredients.

For the most part controlling obesity is the same as with any weight problem, a change of diet and an increase in physical activity. Typically your diet would be low in fat, reduced sugar and carbohydrates   with lots of fruit and Vega. Weight gain simply being the difference between your calorie intake and the calories you burn, any excess is stored as fat. 

A some what drastic way to control obesity is with gastric band surgery,  but it entails major surgery with all the pain and suffering that goes with it. Contrary to common belief it is not a “quick fix” it still requires some discipline in improving your eating habits and doing a bit of exercise.

Hypnosis gastric band can also be used to control obesity.  I have recently heard of a doctor’s practice that included a hypnotherapist to help treat their obese patients. This person talks about gastric band hypnotherapy that has a success rate of 95 percent. Hypnosis for weight loss has the added benefit of addressing the damage done to the mind. It can help with getting ones confidence back and changing ones self image to a positive one.

This article has I hope answered the question,"what is obesity and what to do about it"