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Dear Slimmer,

Hi my name is David Stanbridge and I would like to ask you a question ...why is it so many people are overweight and unhappy when there is such a fantastically easy way to loose weight available. 

 I cannot believe that anyone is still skeptical of hypnosis, so the only logical alternative must be a general belief that losing weight is not supposed to be easy... to lose weight you have to go through the pain and suffering of a serious diet, or suffer painful and expensive surgery in order to look good. 

How often have you said to yourself  'today is the day that I start my diet', only to break it soon after. It doesn't need to be like that.
Anyone who has used hypnosis knows that we need help to lose weight and the use of a hypnosis  program makes It painless, easy, and simple. It doesn't matter whether you believe in hypnotism or not, try it you will be amazed.

I know it's difficult to distinguish between fact and fiction. There are so many fantastic weight loss solutions  being marketed... which do you believe?
I can only tell you that I have been interested in hypnosis from a very early age and have seen all manor of transformations. From help to lose weight, to stopping smoking, gaining confidence, developing positivity, to name but a few. I also managed to finally stop smoking after many failed attempts without help.

This is a sustainable weight loss method that will change your life forever.   There are many traditional diets that work, which would normally only attract those hardy people that want help to lose weight quickly  and are prepared to just tough it out and ignore the food cravings. But even these can be rendered easy when combined with hypnosis.

         By using weight loss hypnosis you could... 

  •  Have the choice of never again being embarrassed or lacking in confidence                      because of you are overweight.

  • You could be saying hello to the new you... slim, trim and bursting with confidence in the knowledge that you look gorgeous.

  • How would you like people to notice you when you walk down the street... simply because you look great.?

If you need help to lose weight  read this letter carefully because I will honestly show you the most ridiculously easy way to be your own person.

There is none of the usual hard work, sweat, tears and pain.
  • No painful dieting
  • No rigorous exercise regime
  • No pill supplements  or medication
  • No weight loss machines
  • No painful surgery
  • No disappointment
  • No hunger pangs

You can easily overcome;

  •      Overeating.
  •       Obesity
  •       Compulsive eating
  •       Junk food addiction
  •       Flabby tummy and thighs

You have probably heard this all before... somebody is forever claiming to have the best weight loss program ever. To have a new miraculous way of loosing weight without changing your eating habits...yer right! Or some potion that will speed up your metabolism... or how to burn fat while you sleep...  some work most don't.

You've heard of the UK's obesity problem, it's apparently reached epidemic proportions and the government is extremely concerned. If I might be so bold as to suggest that Hypnotism has the potential to rid the UK of obesity, if it were more widely supported. But most of the established medical world ignore hypnotism. Can you imagine what would happen to their bottom line if hypnotism became widely used as an alternative to a lot health care treatments.  

The most important thing is not to loose heart, you can turn your life around with the right help. If you have been through the pain of many failed attempts at dieting or had the crushing disappointment of succeeding to lose weight only too get it all back again and don't know where to turn... then this is for you. 
It doesn't matter if you are young, old, male or female, bit flabby, chubby or obese... what you start out being is of no importance the end result will be the same, you will stop eating and lose weight.

I'll let you into a little known secret... compulsive overeating is considered to be more addictive than smoking... and how many people do you know who've managed to give up smoking without help.. not many I'm sure. It makes no difference how many times you have tried before and not succeeded, this is different. 
   To lose weight effectively and without pain you must change your belief              system ... so you lose interest in overeating.

Your subconscious mind is where all your long term beliefs are stored, developed over a lifetime. Beliefs like... I need to eat a lot, or I crave to smoke, or I am clumsy. The problem is your subconscious mind works constantly to fulfill these beliefs. It does not distinguish between good and bad beliefs... it works tirelessly to make them happen irrespective. But with the right input it will help to lose weight.
The thing is, you don't need to eat large quantities of food, we just think we do because we feel hungry in accordance with our belief.
So our job is to change that belief from wanting to eat a lot the belief that you are quite happy to eat smaller portions... and the hunger pangs will become a thing of the past.

Weight loss hypnosis is the most effective way of quickly changing those beliefs of always being hungry and wanting to eat. 


In fact it's the only way. These beliefs are formed over a lifetime and become imbedded in the subconscious...  it would take a very long time to change them by shear will.  But with hypnotism you can access your subconscious directly... and change your belief system into believing that you need help to lose weight and that you want to be eating less and more healthily.

The fact is... loosing weight is a simple formula.

Losing weight is the difference between the amount of calories you consume and the calories you use each day ( burn). It is the difference between what you eat and what you burn that is stored as fat. The fact that most of us lead pretty sedentary lives ( we don't burn many calories ) means we need too take in less calories... we are currently consuming more than our body needs on a daily basis.
So you need to change your eating habits and take in less fatty foods and sugar ( ie.foods rich in calories)... no mystery, just eat less bad foods.

What if you could reprogram your subconscious mind into believing you want to eat healthy food and not feel hungry. There is no conscious thought of consuming less and eating healthier it just happens and you don't get hungry.

                      Hypnotherapy weight loss is this simple.
You will receive a set of Hypnosis CD's... slip the CD into a player or computer, then sit back and listen once a day... that's it... you start loosing weight.

You will be talked through a process of total relaxation and once you are totally relaxed (but still aware of everything around you) you are talked through a number of suggested changes you can make to your belief system that will enable you to change your attitude towards food and eating. 

Also your body would start to burn calories faster and the process of losing weight  begins. 
The hypnotist has at no time any control over you. He makes suggestions only, which always have to be accepted by you before they are taken on board. Contrary to common believe you are never asleep or in a trance... only deeply relaxed in what we call a suggestible state. Fully aware of your surroundings at all times. 

At no stage can the hypnotist control you or make you do anything that is unethically or against your moral belief... you have to accept any suggestions he makes. Also, you most definitely cannot be left in a hypnotic state should the session be interrupted for any reason, as I said hypnosis is only a state of deep relaxation, so you would just come out of this relaxed state and carry on as normal.

           Many famous people have used hypnosis.

This is not some new fad... people have been using Hypnosis to improve their lives for a very long time... and some pretty famous people at that. A few of the better known people who are known to have used Hypnosis are...
 Lilly Allen
Jeri Halliwell
Tiger Woods
Jennifer Aniston
 Richard Branson
Jennifer Lopez

So you would be in good company.

    This is what you will get for a minimal investment.

Firstly, you get your life back... by having the body you want... looking fabulous... and having the self confidence to do what ever you want... Sound good.

To do this you will get three cutting edge CD's of  exceptional quality.  Produced by  a man who has achieved the  distinction of being a master Hypnotherapy...  his CD's have helped many thousands of people change their lives and reach their goals.

1.            Hypnosis weight loss CD.
2.            Gaining Self Confidence CD. 
3.            Procrastination to Motivation CD.

All of this you will get for less than the cost of a consultation of 60.00 each. You only pay 28.00 pounds and you can use the CD's over and over again. Should you feel you are slipping back into bad eating habits you just slip your CD into the player and relisten a few times.  It really isn't very much when you consider what you are buying. 

         Free bonus.

In addition to supplying you with the means to loose weight effortlessly and boost your self confidence through the roof... which once done is impossible to value.
You will get a free bonus ebook on CD entitled ' Low Fat Recipes.' This ebook contains 56 yummy recipes that you would never imagine to be low fat.

      To recap.

For the price it would cost a couple to eat out you will have a completely new life. you would literally be able to whatever you want without fear.

  • Your self confidence would sky rocket.
  • Shopping for clothes would be a joy not a trial.
  • You would want to go to parties rather than dreading them.
  • Looking at yourself in the mirror would be a pleasure.
  • Your whole life would come alive.
  • Reduce the risk of major health problems.
  • Save money spent on excess food.
  • And yes the opposite sex would notice you.

All of this for a mere 28.00 pounds.

Quote by William James:  " Action may not bring happiness but there is no                                                                          happiness without action."


PS. It is in your hands... stay the same or take courage and step forward and                          embrace your new life.

The most effective help to losing weight is a good  weight loss hypnotherapy program.                
No matter how often you have tried to lose weight before this is different, hypnosis can change your attitude towards food and eating. Speed up your metabolism.. kill hunger pangs.. stop you eating too much.. and put an end to yo yo dieting.

      This could be you
Fact 1.
                       To lose weight can be easy...

Most of us believe that losing weight must be difficult, and automatically don't trust anything that says it is easy. But that is not true, it can be pretty straight forward when you use Hypnosis to help you develop the success mindset that would make it easy.
Fact 2.
                      Hypnosis weight loss is not risky...

This type of hypnosis does not require you to be asleep or in any kind of trance.. the respondent would only need to be in a totally relaxed and suggestive state... and is always aware. Hypnotism is simply opening up a direct link to your sub-conscious mind.

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