The Dash Diet Will Reduce Blood Pressure And Weight.

              This is great.. you get the dual benefits of losing weight and
                  lower blood pressure.

I had to sit up and take note when I came across this diet because it is recommended by medical professionals (who usually slate diets) and was voted the healthiest diet in the US.

Yes the Dash Diet (Dietary Approach to Stop Hypertension) is recommended by the the American National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute, as well as the American Heart Association. It was developed by nutritionist Maria Heller as a diet to reduce blood pressure and help lower cholesterol and was recently voted the healthiest diet in the US. Being a health focused diet, everyone on it can not only control blood pressure levels, they can also lose a lot of weight.

How does the dash diet Work?

There is no calorie counting and no focus on what you can’t eat. Heller believes on focusing on what you must eat rather than what you can't.  It is low salt, low in fat, protein  rich and low carbohydrate diet, especially sugar, and encourages veggies as a free food. Where it differs from other similar diets is that it promotes a diet low in sodium (salt).

A portion of each of the following food groups should be included in every meal. As a guide a portion of meat should be about the size of your palm. A portion of cheese is about 1 1/2 inch square, lentils and beans is a handful.
1. Proteins low in saturated fats.

Lean meat
Fish and poultry
Beans and lentils
Low fat cheese
Low fat yogurt

2. Healthy Fats are important for good blood circulation and cell regeneration.

Nuts and seeds
Vegetable oils especially olive oil.
Rapeseed oil

3. All non starch vegetables, excluding potatoes and corn.
All vegetables are free and you can eat as much as you like.
Including salads.

Phase one – The first two weeks are designed to charge up your metabolism by cutting out most starch and sugar, including all grains and fruit, so stabilizing insulin levels. You might feel a bit tired in this phase but not to worry it is only for a short period. Try to get plenty of rest and drink lots of fluids

Phase two – You would continue in the same manor, but now that your metabolism has been optimized you can reintroduce some grain and fruit. A portion of whole grain bread is one slice or small roll,  grain or pasta is half a cup, and one portion of fruit is a small piece of fruit, or half a glass of fruit juice. 

This stage should become an eating plan for the rest of your life, there are hundreds of recipes that support this stage and this eating style should become a life choice. It just takes a bit of organization to make sure you always have the ingredients available for your next meal.

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